Dec 11, 2019  
2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin

Course Catalog

Graduate courses at Appalachian are numbered 5000 and above. 5000 is master’s level; 6000 is specialist level; 7000 is doctoral level. Courses numbered below 5000 may not count toward the minimum hours required for a graduate degree or certificate program of study.

Courses for Continued Enrollment

Courses numbered 5989/7989 courses are intended for continued enrollment purposes only and do not count toward the minimum hours required for a graduate degree or certificate program of study. All other courses described in this bulletin (except courses numbered 5989 and 7989) are courses that count as a required or elective course on a program of study for at least one graduate degree.

Cross-listed Courses

Several courses are shared across two or more disciplines or departments, and as such are cross listed under multiple prefixes. Students may only count one version of such a course on a program of study. These cross-listed courses are indicated with a notation in (parentheses) at the end of the course description.

Dual-listed Courses

Dual-listed courses are classes approved to be taught concurrently at the 4000/5000 levels and by the same instructor, either (1) meeting at the same time and in the same classroom, or (2) in the same online setting. Graduate students who are enrolled in a dual-listed course can expect advanced academic content and more rigorous assignments appropriate for graduate-level courses. A separate graduate syllabus will clearly state the learning outcomes and different assessments for graduate students in the course. Undergraduate participation in these courses is restricted to seniors. Juniors may petition the department for permission to enroll in these courses.

No more than 12 semester hours of dual-listed courses may be included in a student’s program of study. Dual-listed courses are noted in the course descriptions as follows: “[Dual-listed with XXX 4xxx.]”



   •  ANT 5120 - Appalachian Culture and Social Organization (3)
   •  ANT 5200 - Sustainable Development: Theory, Method and Case (3)
   •  ANT 5410 - Ethnographic Research Methods (3)
   •  ANT 5500 - Independent Study (1-4)
   •  ANT 5530-5549 - Selected Topics (1-4)
   •  ANT 5565 - Agrarian Studies and Rural Development (3)
   •  ANT 5600 - Medical Anthropology (3)
   •  ANT 5610 - Ethnographic Field School (2-6)
   •  ANT 5900 - Field Experience: Internship (3-12)
   •  ANT 5989 - Graduate Research (1-9)