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2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIO 4240 - Aquatic Biology (4)

When Offered: Spring
This course will introduce students to the foundations, key concepts and current topics in freshwater, estuarine, marine and groundwater biology, ecology and management. Students will learn about how these ecosystems are tied to all of earth’s life forms and ecosystems as well as humanity’s role in global water cycles. Laboratory sessions will be used to develop computer, bench and field skills key to the study of aquatic ecosystems. Students will learn from and interact with personnel from state and federal resource-management agencies, non-government organizations and other stakeholders and develop skills essential to a career as an aquatic scientist. Lecture three hours. Lab three hours.
Prerequisites: BIO 3302  or permission of the instructor.
[Dual-listed with BIO 5240.] Dual-listed courses require senior standing; juniors may enroll with permission of the department.