Jun 01, 2023  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIO 4519 - Biology Honors Thesis (3)

When Offered: On Demand
GEN ED: Capstone Experience
Work, under the supervision of a biology faculty member, on the project begun in BIO 4518 - Honors Research (3) . An oral report on the project will be presented in a public seminar. A written thesis will be approved by a committee comprised, at minimum, of the thesis advisor and another faculty member.
(Note: If a student is using the Biology Honors Thesis to fulfill the requirements for University Honors, one member of the committee must be from outside the Department of Biology.) A student who completes the thesis with a grade of “B” (3.0) or higher will be eligible for “Honors in Biology.”
Prerequisite: BIO 4518  with a grade of “B” (3.0) or higher.