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2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin 
2021-2022 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Hayes School of Music

James Douthit, Dean
Jay Jackson, Associate Dean


The Hayes School of Music offers the Master of Music (MM) and Master of Music Therapy (MMT) degrees.

Victor Mansure, Graduate Degree Program Director, Music Performance (MM)

Cathy McKinney, Graduate Degree Program Director, Music Therapy (MMT)

Jennifer Snodgrass, Graduate Certificate Program Director, Music Theory Pedagogy Research and Practice

The Master of Music degree in Performance provides a comprehensive education in music as an expression of artistic talent with a thorough knowledge of pedagogy and applied literature. The degree offers the student performer the opportunity to develop high levels of musicianship and instill a lifelong desire to participate creatively as a dedicated artist, performer, scholar, and teacher. Students may choose from among 23 concentrations in areas related to their instrument, music composition, or instrumental conducting and may elect to add the Graduate Certificate in Music Theory Pedagogy Research and Practice.

Appalachian’s Master of Music Therapy (MMT) degree is designed to prepare board-certified or board-eligible music therapists for advanced practice in music therapy. In cooperation with the academic advisor, each student selects a specialty area and elective courses that will help meet individual career objectives. Specialty areas include Addictions, Expressive Arts, Gerontology, Health Care, Mental Health, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, and the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. In consultation with the advisor, the student also may design a unique specialty area. This degree is designed to meet the standards established by the American Music Therapy Association and the National Association of Schools of Music for the Master of Music Therapy degree.

The Graduate Certificate in Music Theory Pedagogy Research and Practice allows students to gain a focused knowledge of teaching music theory and aural skills, both through practical in classroom teaching and through research and discovery in analytical and pedagogical courses.  Students enrolled in the program will be expected to research emerging trends in general pedagogy as well as implement new approaches into their own teaching demonstrations. With courses required in research, pedagogy, a proficiency in functional piano in teaching, proficiency in sight-singing, coupled with teaching practicums and mentor opportunities with master teachers from the theory faculty, students enrolled in this program will be introduced to many of the pedagogical techniques that are emerging through research and classroom experiences.

Dual Degree Enrollment

Qualified students may pursue two master’s degree programs simultaneously. Students interested in pursuing a dual degree must meet all admission, thesis, proficiency, candidacy, comprehensive, and product of learning requirements for both programs.

The Hayes School of Music has partnered with the Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling in the Reich College of Education to offer the following dual degree program:

Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Clinical Mental Health Counseling, General Concentration, MA and Music Therapy, MMT  



Master of Music

Master of Music Therapy

Graduate Certificate


Applied Music