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2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Requirements and Regulations

The instructional program at Appalachian State University is diversified, attempting to meet the needs of many types of students. Students may enroll in graduate courses at Appalachian as non-degree students, degree-seeking students or certificate-seeking students. The requirements and regulations in this section apply to all students.

Students should also be aware of the timeline for completion of milestones in their programs.

A new Graduate Bulletin is issued each year; while course offerings are fairly similar from year to year, the graduate faculty reserves the right to make changes in curricula, degree requirements, and academic policies. The information on policies or course descriptions in any given bulletin is, therefore, usually valid only for the period of its issue and is superseded by subsequent issues.

Changes in courses and program of study requirements do not affect a student already enrolled in a degree program. In those rare cases where specific required courses are no longer available, the academic program will identify suitable substitutes that do not increase the overall credit requirements.

All students may, and usually do, elect to graduate in accordance with the Graduate Bulletin and program requirements in force during the time of their first registration at Appalachian, provided that they graduate within seven calendar years of date of entry. All graduate students may, however, elect to graduate under any Graduate Bulletin issued after entry into the University and prior to graduation provided they were enrolled in the University during the time when the bulletin was in effect. Graduate students electing to graduate under a new Graduate Bulletin must meet all requirements of the bulletin under which they wish to graduate. In order to change the bulletin under which they intend to graduate, graduate students must notify the Graduate School.

Important Notices about the Applicability of the Rules and Regulations in this Bulletin

Changes in the academic policies in this section become effective for all students on the date approved for implementation. Registration at Appalachian indicates the student’s willingness to accept all published academic regulations and rules found in this bulletin and in other official announcements of the University. In the interest of all of its students, Appalachian reserves the right to decline admission, to suspend, or to require the withdrawal of a student when such action is, by due process, deemed in the interest of the University.

Graduate students are entrusted with the responsibility for monitoring their own progress. They should keep an up-to-date record of the courses taken in their proposed programs and check periodically with their advisors. Responsibility for errors in their programs or in meeting requirements rests entirely with a student.