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2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HPC 5900 - Practicum (1-9)

When Offered: Fall, Spring
Practica are available in the areas given below according to the chosen curriculum. Some practicums may be repeated for additional credit when there is space and upon approval of the advisor and the departmental chair.

Practicum in Counseling: Professional practice provides for the application of theory and the development of counseling skills under supervision. These experiences will provide opportunities for students to counsel clients who represent the ethnic and demographic diversity of their community.

Practicum in Student Affairs Administration: An opportunity for on-the-job observation and limited practice in at least two student development functions/offices either on the ASU campus or in another area post-secondary institution. Open only to student affairs majors.

Practicum in Group Leadership: Supervised practice in group leadership.

Prerequisites for Counseling for CMHC Majors: HPC 5120 , HPC 5220 , HPC 5225 , HPC 5752 , HPC 5790 , and approval of department chairperson.

Prerequisites for Counseling for PSC Majors: HPC 5310 , HPC 5790 , HPC 5220 , and approval of department chairperson.

Prerequisite for Student Affairs Administration: Prior approval of the departmental chair.

Prerequisites for Group Leadership: HPC 5790 , HPC 6720 , and prior approval of the departmental chair.
Graded on an S/U basis.