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2016 - 2017 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2016 - 2017 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fermentation Sciences Program

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Seth D. Cohen, Director

The Bachelor of Science degree in Fermentation Sciences is intended to prepare students for successful careers within the industry, business development, or in basic and applied research and development. The FER curriculum ties together multiple scientific and business disciplines necessary for students to understand the broad application of their skills and expertise. The coursework required for the degree program demands that students demonstrate an understanding of advanced principles in chemistry, biology, and mathematical sciences as well as business and marketing. Upper-level coursework in Fermentation Sciences builds on the advanced principles of these disciplines and necessitates the rigor of the curriculum. Students are expected to engage in considerable handson experimentation and experience through on- and off-campus internships.

Students within Fermentation Sciences are strongly encouraged to pursue a minor in the specific discipline of their interest. This will help broaden student experiences and hone their skills within a specific field. This is especially pertinent for students considering graduate studies or careers in applied research.

Students successful in the Fermentation Sciences program are poised for careers ranging from the production of beer, spirits, and wine, to other foods and beverages. In addition, the skills and expertise are relevant for careers in rapidly advancing fields such as food science, bio-processing of fuels, natural products, bio-pharmaceuticals, water and waste remediation, and agricultural sciences, as well as graduate studies or research and development. All of these fields demand professionals with a solid understanding of core scientific principles, business management, and strong problem-solving skills.


    Bachelor of Science


      Fermentation Sciences

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