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2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Art

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Jim Toub, Chair

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The purposes of the Department of Art are: (1) to provide instruction and to promote co-curricular activities which prepare students for careers in the visual arts such as teaching, exhibitions, graphic design, photography, the graphic arts, or an arts related field such as arts management; (2) to provide instruction and training in the intellectual and technical skills necessary for design and studio art production; (3) to promote informed understanding of the value of art and design in contemporary and in historical cultures; (4) to cultivate students’ abilities to think creatively and critically when both producing and responding to visual art; (5) to provide instruction and co-curricular activities in the visual arts as a component of the general education program; and (6) to contribute creative work and scholarship to the University community, the arts professions and to society in general.

Admission into Majors in the Department of Art

The following degree programs require a candidacy portfolio review: BFA in Art Education (K-12), BFA in Graphic Design and BFA in Studio Art.

The following degree programs do not require a candidacy portfolio review: BA in Art and Visual Culture with concentrations in Art History, Studio Art or Art Management, BFA in Photography with concentrations in Commercial Photography, and BS in Graphic Communications Management with concentrations in Cross Media Production and Print/Packaging Production.  

The Department of Art seeks to enroll the most capable and motivated emerging artists and designers in its degree programs. Admission is limited and highly competitive. The candidacy portfolio review indicates the student’s preparedness for entry into the department’s rigorous and demanding studio-based curricula. It shows the applicant’s aptitude for visual expression and demonstrates technical skills that have been acquired in art and design.

Newly admitted first year and transfer students are strongly advised to attend the Department of Art meeting scheduled during orientation sessions where additional important information is given to all prospective art majors.

CANDIDACY PORTFOLIO REVIEW FOR THE BFA ART EDUCATION, BFA GRAPHIC DESIGN, AND BFA STUDIO ART degree programs: Students seeking to major in any of these degree programs must submit their work to the candidacy portfolio review. This review usually occurs during a student’s third semester at Appalachian (possibly earlier for transfer students). Details for portfolio submission to these degree programs are available on the Department of Art website.

Students intending to major in Art Education must complete  ART 1001 , ART 1003  and must complete or have in process ART 1002 , ART 2222 ; one 2000 level studio art class; and either ARH 2030  or ARH 2130  to submit to the BFA Art Education candidacy portfolio review. 

Students intending to major in Graphic Design must complete ART 1001 , ART 1002 , ART 1003   and must complete or have in process ART 1102 , ART 2102 ; and either ARH 2030  or ARH 2130  to submit a portfolio to the BFA Graphic Design candidacy portfolio review. 

Students intending to major in Studio Art must complete  ART 1001 , ART 1002 , ART 1003 ; and must complete or have in process two 2000 level studio art class; and either ARH 2030  or ARH 2130  to submit a portfolio to the BFA Studio Art candidacy portfolio review. 

Students seeking the BFA degree in Art Education, BFA degree in Graphic Design, or the BFA degree in Studio Art must pass the candidacy portfolio review before taking any 3000 or 4000 level studio course as well as other specific courses in the major. See courses in the bulletin for additional details.

Other students who have completed  ART 1001 , ART 1002 , ART 1003  and any additional studio art course pre-requisites are permitted to take 3000 and 4000 level studio classes without having passed a candidacy portfolio review. 

Studio Art Minors who have completed 6 sh of either  ART 1001 , ART 1002  or ART 1003  and the appropriate 2000 level studio art class may receive permission of the instructor to take any 3000 level studio class. 

Students who do not pass the BFA Art Education, BFA Graphic Design BFA Studio Art, portfolio review may use their earned credits as electives or as requirements towards another major or minor in the Department of Art. Students may also repeat courses and/or continue to take 2000 level studio courses and then re-submit their work one time only to the candidacy portfolio review. The candidacy portfolio review takes place toward the end of the fall and spring semesters. See Departmental website for submission dates and procedures for each program.

Students majoring in Photography must earn a minimum grade of “C+” (2.3) in all required major courses with a PHO prefix, and a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) in all required major courses with an ART or ARH prefix. All other ART Department majors must earn a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) in each required major course. Courses stipulated as prerequisites for subsequent major courses must be successfully completed with a minimum grade of a “C” (2.0) or “C+” (2.3) for PHO courses fro Photography majors before continuing to the next level of work.

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS for the Department of Art degree programs can be found on the Department of Art website.

Honors Program in Art

The Department of Art maintains an honors program to provide qualified students in each of the department’s majors (Studio Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Art Education, Art Management, Photography, and Graphic Communications Management) with an opportunity for advanced research. The Department of Art offers honors courses to students who have a minimum overall GPA of 3.45 in departmental courses and/or are nominated by a faculty member, and are invited by the Art Honors Committee. Qualified non-majors may enroll in art honors courses. However, to graduate with “honors in art,” a student must be a major in the Department of Art who has completed at least nine semester hours of work in departmental honors courses. Three of the semester hours taken must include either ART 4510 Senior Honors Thesis , PHO 4510 Senior Honors Thesis , ARH 4510 Senior Honors Thesis , or GCM 4510 Senior Honors Thesis  depending on the student’s major. The remaining six credits of honors coursework may be comprised from varied areas in the department. Students must earn a minimum grade of “B” (3.0) on all honors coursework taken to fulfill any honors requirements.


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