Jul 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin

Department of Psychology

Rose Mary Webb, Chair
Twila Wingrove, Assistant Chair
Mark Zrull, Assistant Chair

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The mission of the Department of Psychology is to engage in teaching, scholarship, and service, in order to promote and advance understanding of the science of psychology, its application, and its utility to our students, fellow scholars, the University, and the public. 

The faculty of the Department of Psychology value:

  1. Collaborative relationships with multiple stakeholders: faculty in the Department, students, alumni, people across the University, and those beyond our campus.
  2. Learning and the acquisition of knowledge and skills. We seek to instill this in our students so that they are prepared for their lives and an evolving job market.
  3. Data-driven decision-making processes.
  4. Engagement through teaching, mentoring, research, and service. We are active in our local and professional communities.
  5. The production and propagation of impactful science, and the translation of basic research into applied settings.
  6. Respect of our colleagues, students, and other stakeholders. We recognize and reward diverse contributions to the mission of the department.

Honors Program in Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers honors courses at the undergraduate level to students who have distinguished academic records and/or are nominated by a faculty member, and are invited by the departmental honors committee. Credit earned in honors courses may be applied toward the major, the minor, or the electives required for graduation. To graduate with “honors in psychology,” a student must be recommended by the departmental honors committee and meet the criteria for such consideration: a minimum overall GPA of 3.45; a minimum GPA of 3.5 in psychology courses; and successful completion of the honors sequence. The honors sequence consists of nine semester hours of honors courses, with at least a grade of “B” in each. Six semester hours may be selected from: PSY 1200  (honors), PSY 3511 , and PSY 3512 . A student may substitute any course that is numbered PSY 3000  or higher, except for PSY 3000 , PSY 3100 , PSY 3500 , PSY 3511 , PSY 3512 , PSY 3520  , PSY 3530-3549 , PSY 4001 , PSY 4002 , PSY 4511 , PSY 4512 , and PSY 4905 , for a course in the honors sequence by satisfactorily completing an honors contract (made between the student and the professor teaching the course). Three semester hours are senior honors thesis courses (PSY 4511  and PSY 4512 ) to be taken over two semesters. The honors program requires a minimum of three semesters to complete. Honors courses are not offered during summer sessions.


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