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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Chemistry

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Claudia P. Cartaya-Marin, Chair

Liyana W. Ariyadasa Amanda C. Howell Dieter Weber
Carol M. Babyak Keith S. Learn Aruna G. Weerasinghe
Jefferson E. Bates Wendy L. Lewis Dale E. Wheeler
Nicole S. Bennett Libby G. Puckett Marilou Wheeler
Jennifer P. Cecile Michael B. Ramey Stephen D. Williams
Brooke E. Christian Alexander D. Schwab Nancy Wilson
Matthew B. Culpepper Nicholas N. Shaw Lauren Woods
Megen A. Culpepper Samuella B. Sigmann Robert J. Yoblinski
Margaret A. Donoghue Robert F. Swarthout Dieter Weber
Patrick J. Donoghue Brett F. Taubman  
Michael S. Hambourger Bridget Tuberty  

The objectives of the A.R. Smith Department of Chemistry are to prepare students in chemistry for careers in industry, government service, high school and junior college level teaching and for continuing study in chemistry and related areas at the graduate or professional school level. The department also strives to provide a basic understanding of the principles of chemistry and physical science related to all areas of scientific study and to provide the student with an appreciation for the impact of science and technology in today’s society.

All junior and senior students majoring in chemistry are expected to participate in weekly seminar discussion periods each semester in residence.

Honors Program in Chemistry

The A. R. Smith Department of Chemistry offers an honors program in chemistry. Admission to the honors program requires completion of CHE 1102 - Introductory Chemistry II (3) /CHE 1120 - Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II (1)  and a minimum grade-point average, both overall and in chemistry, of 3.20. To graduate with “honors in chemistry,” a student must have a minimum grade point average of 3.45, overall and in chemistry, and must take a minimum of nine semester hours of chemistry with honors at the 2000 level or above with each course grade a “B” or better. The required honors thesis in chemistry is a three-credit sequence that consists of one credit of CHE 4000 - Chemistry Seminar (1)  and two credits of CHE 4510 - Chemistry Honors Thesis (1) ; the two credits for CHE 4510  must take place in two different semesters with one credit each semester. The chemistry honors thesis must be approved by two readers from the Department of Chemistry in order to graduate with honors in chemistry.


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