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2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English

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Carl P. Eby, Chair
Tammy Wahpeconiah, Assistant Chair
Jessie Blackburn, Assistant Chair

C. William Atkinson Elizabeth A. Gulley Lynn Moss Sanders
Sandra L. Ballard Sara-Beth Hopton Lynn A. Searfoss
Joseph R. Bathanti Rosemary Horowitz Susan C. Staub
William D. Brewer James M. Ivory Kyle Stevens
German Campos-Munoz Kathryn J. Kirkpatrick Zackary Vernon
Basak Candar Donna L. Lillian Mark W. Vogel
Elizabeth L. Carroll Christpher Meade Susan C. Weinberg
E. Cecelia Conway Olga Menagarishvili Jennifer P. Wilson
Leslie S. Cook Elaine J. O’Quinn Michael T. Wilson
Bruce A. Dick David L. Orvis Wendy L. Winn
Lynn Doyle Alex H. Pitofsky Bret J. Zawilski
Jill R. Ehnenn Mark Powell  
Craig J. Fischer Colin T. Ramsey  
Kristina K. Groover Georgia B. Rhoades  

The aim of the Department of English is to give students competency in written and oral composition and in the interpretation and appreciation of literature. All students are required to earn credit for R C 1000  and R C 2001 . (R C 1000  is a prerequisite for all ENG and RC courses 2001 and above.)

Honors Program in English

The Department of English offers an honors program on the sophomore and junior/senior levels. In order to remain in the program, students must maintain at least a “B” average in honors work. Invited English majors meeting the requirements of the junior/senior honors program (ENG 4508 , ENG 4509 , and ENG 4510  ) with a grade of “B” or better and at least a 3.45 grade-point average in all English course work will graduate with “honors in English.”

Overseas Study Program

In keeping with the University’s belief that studies and travel abroad contribute to its role as an institution of higher learning, the Department of English offers students an opportunity to study either in England or on the continent, or in some instances a combination of both. The programs are directed by regular faculty members and offer opportunities for both supervised group study and individual investigation. Information is available each fall concerning the specific programs to be offered for undergraduate and graduate credit. Students interested in the possibility of such study should make inquiry at the English office early in the school year.

University Writing Center

The Writing Center offers its services to all members of the University community. The center’s staff is specially trained to help in the completion of virtually any academic writing project and in the solution of most writing problems. Users of the center should make appointments for its services or may drop in to see if one of the staff is available. The center is conveniently located in the Carol Grotnes Belk Library and Information Commons. For more information, go to www.writingcenter.appstate.edu.



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