Sep 28, 2023  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics - Applied Physics Concentration, BS

Program Code: 270*/270B
CIP Code: 40.0801


General Education Requirements (44 Hours)

PHY 1150  & PHY 1151  or PHY 1103  & PHY 1104  will fulfill Science Inquiry. MAT 1110  fulfills Quantitative Literacy.

Major Requirements (60 Hours)

Not including up to 14 hours counted in General Education Requirements, above

2.0 major GPA is required for graduation. Major GPA calculation will include all courses taken in the major department, plus any other courses under Major Requirements. Minimum of 18 semester hours of courses taken to fulfill major requirements must be courses offered by Appalachian.

Emphasis Area (24 Hours)

A committee consisting of three faculty members, at least two of which must be from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, must approve a program of study and any subsequent modification. Some suggested emphasis areas are: astrophysics, geophysics, environmental physics, engineering electronics, radiation safety physics, medical physics, technical management, industrial physics, computational physics, mathematical physics, and technical writing. Many other combinations for emphasis areas are possible and will be developed in consultation with the departmental chairman and the faculty advisory committee.

Minor (Optional)

Electives (16 Hours)

Taken to total 120 hours for the degree

Total Required (120 Hours)