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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Requirements

First Year Seminar

*Open to students who transfer at least 30 hours AND are classified as transfer students by Admissions. The 30 hours must be completed prior to enrollment at ASU. Students using this option will have 41 hours of General Education.

Writing Across the Curriculum (6 Hours Required)

Major Requirements

Hours count in major requirements

  • Junior Writing in the Discipline (“WID” on major program of study)
  • Senior Capstone Experience (“CAP” on major program of study)

Quantitative Literacy (4 Hours Required)

Wellness Literacy (2 Hours)

Choose from the following:

Science Inquiry

Requires 8 semester hours from one theme. Courses in themes marked with an * must be taken sequentially. Check the course descriptions for any pre- and/or co-requisites.

A 1 hour lab option may be available for students who have transferred in a 3 hour science lecture course. Please contact the Office of General Education at (828) 262-2028 or gened@appstate.edu for more information.


3 hours of each required); may be taken in Integrative Learning Experience or Liberal Studies Experience:


Integrative Learning Experience

Complete 9 semester hours from a single theme (underlined). Students must take courses from at least two discipline prefixes in the chosen theme with the exceptions of “Appalachian Mountains: Community, Culture, and Land” and “Experiencing Inquiry: How to Ask Questions.”

Liberal Studies Experience:

Complete 12 semester hours from at least three discipline prefixes.