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2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Sustainable Development - Environmental Studies Concentration, BA

Program Code: 603*/603B
CIP Code: 03.0103


General Education (44 Hours)

(S D 2400   & PHL 2015   if taken for the major may count toward General Education ILE: Sustainability & Global Resources; or S D 3715  /ENG 3715   if taken for the major may count toward General Education: ILE: Animal Studies.)



Language Requirements (6-12 Hours)

Completion of 6 semester hours at the *intermediate level or higher

Note: Beginning language course I & II or beginning combination language course are prerequisites for *intermediate level courses.

Language courses 1050 or 1060 may be used in General Education Liberal Studies Experience.

Major Requirements (39 Hours)

2.0 major GPA is required for graduation. Major GPA calculation will include all courses taken in fulfillment of the major requirements. Minimum of 18 semester hours of courses taken to fulfill major requirements must be courses offered by Appalachian. No more than 46 sh of SD courses about general education may be counted toward the BA Degree. 

Minor Required (12-25 Hours)

9 sh of a minor must be completed at Appalachian. Students must have their minors approved by their SD advisor. 

Free Electives (0-31 Hours)

To total a minimum of 120 hours for the degree

Total Required (120 Hours)