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2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin 
2020-2021 Graduate Bulletin [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Therapy, MMT

Program Code: MMT_560A
CIP Code: 51.2305

Program of Study for the Master of Music Therapy (MMT)

Admission Requirements: Baccalaureate degree in music therapy* from an accredited college or university; complete application to the Graduate School ; official general GRE exam scores; proficiency in music theory, aural skills, music history/literature, music performance, piano proficiency, and professional music therapy competencies; submission of the Music Therapy Program questionnaire; live or video recorded audition; on-site or virtual interview.

*Prospective students who hold baccalaureate degrees in music, but not music therapy, may apply for admission to a combined Equivalency and Master of Music Therapy (MMT) program. In this program, students complete both requirements for eligibility to sit for the examination administered by the Certification Board for Music Therapists and MMT degree requirements. Students in the combined Equivalency/MMT program may take only equivalency courses in the first year of enrollment and must complete all Equivalency requirements including the internship prior to enrolling in MUS 5050 , MUS 5051 , MUS 5061  or MUS 5900 . Continuation in the MMT program requires a grade of at least a “B” (3.0) in music therapy courses taken in each of the first two semesters of the Equivalency program and a minimum cumulative Equivalency GPA of 3.3. Completion of both the Equivalency and the MMT is likely to require 3.5-4 years of full‐time study, including completion of clinical training.

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet the criteria for admission to the Graduate School . Meeting this condition does not guarantee admission.

Standardized Exam Waiver Eligibility: The standardized exam (GRE) requirement may be waived for applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.4 or higher who have completed all other admission requirements.

Accelerated Admission Option: This program offers an accelerated admission option for undergraduate students currently enrolled at Appalachian State University.   

Location: On Campus

Additional Information about Standardized Exam Waiver Eligibility

Any standardized exam waiver for a graduate degree program at Appalachian State requires that applicants hold a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher in their last earned degree (undergraduate or graduate; some programs have established higher GPA requirements). No exam waiver is automatic but will require review and approval by the Graduate School upon submission of a complete application. An approved waiver request does not guarantee acceptance into the program. A denied waiver request does not mean that a candidate is denied admission to the program, only that a standardized exam score is needed to more fully evaluate the application. Standardized test scores may be required for scholarship consideration.

Course Requirements for the Master of Music Therapy

Total Required (Minimum 36 Hours)

Choose One of the Following Options (4 Hours)

Elective Courses (3 Hours)

  • 3 hours of music or music therapy graduate courses
Research Course (3 Hours)

  • 3 hours of graduate research coursework selected in consultation with the MMT advisor

Specialty Area Courses (12 Hours)

  • 12 hours of graduate courses to be selected in consultation with the MMT advisor.

Other Requirements for the MMT

  • Thesis: Optional
  • Proficiency: All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in music theory, aural skills, and music history/literature. Equivalency students who have not demonstrated proficiency in these subjects by the end of the first year of study may be required to take appropriate courses in the second year of study and are required to demonstrate proficiency in these areas prior to MUS 4901 Internship in Music Therapy. Students who hold a bachelor’s degree in music therapy are required to demonstrate these proficiencies prior to recommendation for Admission to Candidacy.
  • Candidacy: Required; see the program director for specific timeline and requirements for admission to candidacy
  • Comprehensive: Written and oral examinations will be given.
  • Product of Learning: Not required

Notes for the Master of Music Therapy Program

MUS 5060 - Bonny Method of GIM (3) , requires participation in a 5-day intensive workshop that is conducted off-campus between academic terms and requires payment of workshop fees in addition to tuition. This course may be repeated with permission of the MMT director for up to 9 hours of credit towards the MMT.

All students who hold the Bachelor’s degree in music therapy are required to register for and successfully complete MUS 5200 - Music Therapy Laboratory (0)  each semester in which they are enrolled. Equivalency/Master’s students who have completed 5 hours of MUS 3900 Music Therapy Practicum are required to register for and successfully complete MUS 5200 - Music Therapy Laboratory (0)  each subsequent semester in which they are enrolled.

Students who have not had a previous course in statistics must complete one course in statistics, in addition to the research course indicated above. (For an explanation of the course prefixes used in the following list of courses, see the index.)