Jul 25, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Bulletin

FYG - Community and Regional Planning

Community and Regional Planning, BS

Program Code: 218A
CIP Code: 04.0301

General Education Curriculum (44 Hours)

Some general education requirements may be double-counted in the major with departmental approval. Please see your advisor for information

Major Requirements (73 Hours)

2.0 major GPA is required for graduation. Major GPA calculation will include all courses taken in the major discipline, plus any other courses under Major Requirements. Minimum of 18 semester hours of courses taken to fulfill major requirements must be courses
offered by Appalachian.

Elective Courses (12 Hours)

Geography Focused Electives (9 Hours)

Choose 9 hours of GHY courses at the 2000 level or higher (Careful course selection could permit completion of a GIS Certificate. Please consult with your advisor regarding the process to formally add a certificate.)

Planning Related Electives (21 Hours)

Choose 21 hours from 2000-4000 level course offerings in the following areas: GHY, PLN, ANT, COM, CJ, ECO, GWS, HIS, HOS, IDS, HCM, PHL, REL, PA, PS, PSY, SD, SOC, SW, TEC (GHY courses used to fulfill Geography Focused Electives above may not also be used to fulfill Planning Focused Electives. )

Minor (Optional)

Electives (3 Hours)

Taken to total 120 hours for the degree

Total Required (120 Hours)